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Harrison bells are about half the weight of conventional bells of the
same note, but the sound...
We now have the technology to create bells of almost any combination of
weight and note, and still achieve Simpson tuning, or an alternative
pleasing harmonic structure.
There are some basics of physics which will limit the power to something
proportional to the weight, but halving power, just 3dB reduction far
from being a dramatic reduction, is actually hardly noticeable.
We ringers like deep toned bells and will work really hard on a big peal
for the pleasure of hearing them, so why haven't lighter bells and
appropriate clappering been developed to produce a deep full tone with
slightly less volume?
the Australian site http://www.ausbell.com/
<http://www.ausbell.com/Federation%20Bells/FEDBELLS.html>  shows that
computer generation of profiles for a particular result is now
understood, although the use of the technology here is extreme.
Clappering has not been addressed. A light deep toned bell is likely to
need to be struck with a low velocity and fairly high mass clapper to
produce dominance from its lower partials, and would need reliving from
a fairly high mass clapper resting on and over damping it, but some
damping is needed.
Possibly a T shaped clapper swinging through about half the normal ark,
a composite structure with the impacting material at each end of the top
of the T.

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