Territorial Societies.

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Tue Jul 17 09:50:36 BST 2007

I wonder if I might write on a subject I know nothing about? It is 
the nameing of our territorial societies. Why are some societies 
called 'associations', 'districts', 'guilds' and 'societies? (The OED 
will tell us the meaning of each word but may be not in this 
context). After all, we all ring, I hope, for the Church so why not 
all use the same name? Then some have in their 
title 'county'. 'district' or 'diocesan'. Do the ringers in the 
latter ring for the Bishop and the Church while in the former two 
ring for the Lord Lieutenant of the County or whoever and therefore 
are secular societies? Who are their Patrons? 
Then there are the geographical boundries. How do the county and 
district boundries (changed in 1974) fit in with the diosesan 
boudries? Surly they are within a diocese so why are they not so 
called? This seems to make an ass of the Central Council of CHURCH 
Bell Ringers by non conformaty.
Also there seem to be societies that cover the same area, i.e the xyz 
Diocesan Guild and the XYZ District Association. This seems to be a 
duplication of effort locally so why not amalgamate? After all the 
C.C. is looking for reform. We have already seen the demist of one 
county association and the possible renameing of another. Perhapps a 
study of the situation would not go amiss.



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