Holy Trinity, Hobart.

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Tue Jul 17 22:13:01 BST 2007

I rang in the 1st peal there after restoration in the 1980s and am 
on the peal board in the tower. I do hope something can be done to 
preserve the bells.


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> I certainly will endorse this plea for help.
> This is an absolutely classic case of a very special town church 
> a dwindling congregation becoming redundant.   I the UK, once 
> declared redundant, the church would probably have been 
> vested with the Churches Conservation Trust, but no such 
> exists in this country.   As a result, this heritage listed church 
> likely to be deconsecrated (I've often wondered if this ceremony 
> involved the Bishop knocking on the inside of the church door and 
> being let out!) and an alternative use found for the building.
> John Smith will be able to give those interested more detail, but 
> sounds as if the bells will have to be relocated in order to save 
> them.  I think this is a very great shame as the ring is 
> with the building and therefore a major part of its historic 
> significance (apart from being the oldest peal in the Southern 
> Hemisphere) is the association with the entire history of the 
> building.
> Further details will soon be found on the following web site 
> still seems to be under construction!):
> http://www.savetrinitychurch.com/
> Richard


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