[Bell Historians] Andover

Philip Denton philip_denton at XaDpwrBibmjuVwCHP_E4e-IPpVDNUY5sGsfaRCYuqqEzjvOeZok44UbcHVQKEOPX7bVAxNGQOou2DdLJ1wOSNzYEits.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 18 15:10:54 BST 2007

I've just added Witley.

David Sloman <david at MXHTXk_jevQLVaqK4zVRz1xnh0wICmEeG3mIz_ho3xxkNTNZHrdold935wGV5CU8wEsn2N2lKQFR7jWON9mqDGYWAFSk7WTT.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
    Some details of Andover just entered-see Ringing World April 19th 1968
  PS-What are the other 50 towers?


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