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>   PS-What are the other 50 towers?

Braishfield, Hants, All Saints (M;GF), 3, 2½cwt in A. 
Brockhall, Nhants, SS Peter & Paul (M), 3, 3cwt. 
Chipstable, Som, All Saints (M), 6, 6-3-9 in Ab. 
Colinton, Loth, Scotland, S Cuthbert (M), 3, 3cwt in F. 
Culcheth (Newchurch), Ches, (unknown) (M;T), 8, 12-0-14 in G.  
Curry Mallet, Som, All Saints (M), 6, 10-3-1 in F#. 
Cutcombe, Som, S John Ev (M;GF), 6, 12½cwt in G.  
Ecchinswell, Hants, S Lawrence (M), 3, 7cwt in Bb. Tuning: 1-3 of 4.
Fleggburgh, Norf, S Margaret & S Mary (M), 3, 6-0-10. TG524044  
Great Eversden, Cambs, S Mary (M), 3, 0-0-0. Unringable. 
Gwenddwr, Powys, Wales, S Dubricius (M;GF), 3, 4cwt. Unringable.  
Hawkridge, Som, S Giles (M;GF), 6, 6cwt in B.  
Helsby, Ches, S Paul (M), 3, 0-0-0. 
Hornblotton, Som, S Peter (M;GF), 3, 6cwt in C. Anti-clockwise; 
King's Lynn, Norf, S Nicholas (M), 8, 19cwt in F. 
King's Worthy, Hants, S Mary (M), 5, 9-1-7 in A.  
Llandrillo yn Edeyrnion, Clwyd, Wales, S Trillo (M), 4, 5-0-2 in C. 
Lolworth, Cambs, All Saints (M;GF), 3, 5cwt in C. Ropes fall in a 
straight line; tuning: 1,1b,2 of 3. 
Luccombe, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 10cwt in F#. Wed 
Lympsham, Som, S Christopher (M), 6, 11-1-5 in F#. Tue (3rd) 
Lyng, Som, S Bartholomew (M;GF), 6, 15-3-9 in F. 
Lytham, Lancs, S Joseph, Ansdell (M), 8, 10-2-6 in G. 
Marham, Norf, Holy Trinity (M), 6, 12cwt in G. Unringable.
Nempnett Thrubwell, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 9cwt in G. 
North Curry, Som, SS Peter & Paul (M), 8, 17-2-15 in E. Fri (alt) 
Northover, Som, S Andrew (M), 3, 10cwt. One bell, or more, cracked; 
Northwold, Norf, S Andrew (M), 8, 14-3-20 in F. 
Outwood, Surrey, S John (M), 4, 4½cwt.
Porthmadog, Gwyn, Wales, S John Div (M), 8, 11-2-19 in G.
Runcton Holme, Norf, S James (M), 3, 7cwt in G. Unringable.
Selworthy, Som, All Saints (M;GF), 6, 12cwt in G.
Steep, Hants, All Saints (M), 6, 6-0-13 in Bb.
Steeple Gidding, Cambs, S Andrew (M), 3, 7cwt. Unringable.
Stradsett, Norf, S Mary (M), 3, 6cwt. Unringable. 
Tavistock, Devon, Mine Captain's Peal (M;GF), 3, 2-2-0 in F. Ropes 
fall in a straight line; tuning: 1,3,5 of 6.
Teffont Evias, Wilts, S Michael (M;GF), 3, 6cwt in D. Tuning: 1-3 of 
Timsbury, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 12cwt in G.
Trunch, Norf, S Botolph (M), 3, 9cwt. Unringable.  
Upwood, Cambs, S Peter (M;GF), 3, 8cwt in A. Anti-clockwise.
Weare, Som, S Gregory (M), 6, 15½cwt in F#. 
Weeting, Norf, S Mary (M), 3, 0-0-0. Round tower; unringable.
West Dereham, Norf, S Andrew (M;GF), 5, 7cwt. Round tower; 
West Meon, Hants, S John Ev (M), 8, 12-2-27 in F.
West Overton, Wilts, S Michael & All Angels (M), 6, 11-2-0 in G
Winsford, Som, S Mary Magd (M), 6, 12-0-0 in F#.
Winsham, Som, S Stephen (M;GF), 8, 13-2-11 in F. Rung from chancel.   
Woolton Hill, Hants, S Thomas (M;T), 6, 6-3-16 in C. 


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