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Sat Jul 21 19:32:53 BST 2007

EASTRY Kent Sanctus bell again. Dr Baron has provided and we have personally discussed this excellent engraving of the lettering on the old school bell, now in the Ringing Room and known as the "Sanctus".

Ranald Clouston ascribed it to the Ruffords of Toddington, but there seems to be some doubt about this. Note especially the crowns and hairdos of the King represented; also the initial cross with the three orbs at each terminal.

Dr Barron has been busy comparing it with the English examples in the books he has seen, and I've looked at the published Welsh examples, also discussed it with GAD.

I would be grateful if list members familiar with Toddington and Worcester examples, as well as Nottingham, or any other founder who used the Royal Heads device or this cross, would communicate their thoughts or (hopefully) identify the founder / foundry on this list.

Two things: although a sculptor's engraving it is a faithful reproduction of what is on the bell. Also, with respect, this is a simple enquiry about the 'Sanctus' / old school bell's origins rather than the bells of Eastry generally.

Dickon might find it useful for the excellent Lovesguide.kent site though.

Thank you

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