[Bell Historians] pNBR data - Colinton, Edinburgh

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Having rung there and looked at the bells I can confirm that they are all by
Barwell and I had the keynote as F approx 2.5 cwt.
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  The most complete information I have on Colinton St Cuthbert (Episc)
church is in Malcolm Cant's Villages of Edinburgh, vol. 2 (1987).  He says
that the NE tower was completed in 1893; this is confirmed in The Buildings
of Scotland - Edinburgh (1984).  Cant says that the three bells were cast by
James Barwell of Birmingham, and have his JB shield on them.  He doesn't
actually state that the bells were cast in 1893 but this is implied.

  It's important not to confuse the Episcopal church in Westgarth Avenue
with the Church of Scotland one, Colinton Parish Church, in Dell Road as
they are both dedicated to St Cuthbert.

  Peter Rivet

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