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Mon Jul 23 18:21:13 BST 2007

To All members of the Bell Historians List
Please be advised that in my recent posting on Eastry 'Sanctus' bell I enclosed a drawing of the inscription, hoping to attract further comment in attempt to identify for Dr Baron the identity and date of the founder of this bell.

Sadly this has met with the disapprobation of Dr Baron who has informed me that I am in breach of his copyright and continue to be so as long as this is on the web. I would therefore ask List Members please to delete it from their PC's and the moderator to remove it from the current email lists and summary. My apologies.

I have also asked Dickon not please to use it as I had rashly asuggested on Lovesguide.kent. My apologies to him as well.

I would ask Mr Camp not to include this in his "from the e-list" summary in the RW, and for no further correspondence on the matter on the List.

I have of course apologised to Dr Baron. Those who know me will appreciate that I was seeking the information for him, with the best of intentions; and that I do try to be quite open in sharing the information I possess and was not in any way seeking to "scoop" him.

David Cawley           
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