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David Bryant David.Bryant at 4BCI0w1FwLx90mWUf4V-Wy_-iHe1C97ExjcYSR6FUYPZnenflWNAl5zr8DvGluJjXensSimk0-wsbYsUxSo6.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 24 09:15:44 BST 2007

"Sadly this has met with the disapprobation of Dr Baron who has informed
me that I am in breach of his copyright and continue to be so as long as
this is on the web. I would therefore ask List Members please to delete
it from their PC's and the moderator to remove it from the current email
lists and summary. My apologies."
Does Dr Baron want people to help him in his researches or not? If he
does, this sort of attitude isn't likely to encourage anyone to bother.
Email attachments aren't stored in the message archive, so it won't be
there anyway. It never was 'on the web' as such - this is a private
email list, and the only people who will have seen it are members of
this list who received it as an email attachment.

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