repeat belfry cleaners?

Laura Dickerson lauradi at
Thu Jul 26 18:47:49 BST 2007

  Apologies for cross-posting.
  I got a request for information about a news story someone heard 
(NPR?  A search of their site doesn't reveal it) about someone
(paid? volunteer?) who regularly cleans a belfry or bells.  My response 
was that anybody who has mucked out pigeon droppings
makes sure that the windows or openings are properly screened after that 
to avoid future clean-ups of that sort, but I said I'd ask around.
  Here I am, asking.  Anybody know anything about this?  Are there 
actual cleaning services that would do a belfry clean-out?  A guild of
bell rescuers going from tower to tower cleaning them?
  Thanks for any info.
Laura Dickerson


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