[Bell Historians] Unwanted emails - delete & move on.

Ken Webb kenwebb at 1PDc3nh806zLe_6pfARisv2GsXUTiM3mbvPSpR51PMAK69FB0YTYIdQcLedfOJSzV2SKE-xUbgWkg2TU8DfVhuE61wEBEnJ7HSY25g.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 10:19:54 BST 2007


I've rec'd unwanted emails re Bell Historians during the last day.

I've deleted those emails & suggest that others do the same & try to forget their content.

Bell Historians serves a purpose -  it increases knowledge & appreciation of bells by freely sharing information.

David B - please continue to provide the service.

I'm happy for every entry to be moderated.

I've bought many bell related books & guess I've normally paid about 10p per page & expect that is the actual price of printing. 

Best wishes
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