[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

David Bryant davidbryant at tP1I-t0dFdxnaJ6T3UTCoxM2LOr_GsOmUzvhmSrj6d1qKQNcH_Ts70LZaJt4y6rU47wO82Y2gZRULgJlzZu1.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 09:01:57 BST 2007

I am sorry if Mark thought he was banned - this was never the case.
I was never given any 'caution from the police' for anything, and I shall be looking into the possibility of taking legal action against Mr Birney for making a defamatory statement. He should check his facts before saying things like this - evidently he doesn't know whaat a 'caution' actually is. And Sam - I am not on Facebook as I don't wish to take part in petty exchanges such as this. Mr Birney has unsubscribed from the list voluntarily, and after this he will not be allowed back on.

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