[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

john thurman john at _JrEJ_jgiwgmOPvi36axS8CLl7qZIBF-dI7JLvbUdpkkAevTMCgahdpBKTaEk02LCiOwU7FYAjAHhcayju7gE8R721U.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jul 28 13:14:00 BST 2007

>I am sorry if Mark thought he was banned - this was never the case.

I think we should stop talking about Mark Humphreys and his expulsion or otherwise from this list unless Mark himself is included in the discussion. I'm pretty sure that talking about people behind their backs is well outside the remit of this list.

>I was never given any 'caution from the police' for anything, and I shall be looking into the possibility of taking legal action against Mr Birney for making a defamatory >statement. 

Probably not worth it David. Unless Mr Birney is a millionaire you're unlikely to gain much more than a long headache, and you probably don't have that much of a case I'm afraid. I'd save you energy for more useful projects if I were you.

>He should check his facts before saying things like this - evidently he doesn't know whaat a 'caution' actually is. 

The whole thing about being a Historian is that you are supposed to check your facts. Isn't it?

>And Sam - I am not on Facebook as I don't wish to take part in petty exchanges such as this. 

You should try it. Its very good fun and aids relaxation immensely. There are a surprising number of heavyweight academics on there!

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