[Bell Historians] St. Andrews United Reformed Church, Scarborough

John Camp camp at pUWqRZeBrPvzqZ2-fw8P8syOtrCKe1YqWckdsQ4zOJ-R34Ku9ix0QFUcjYVkd1Whr9HUB_Q_R9IpWiI.yahoo.invalid
Sun Jul 29 16:49:31 BST 2007

At 09:56 on 28 July 2007, Peter Humphreys wrote:
> Sorry, can't help. May I, however, point out a minor error in your email,
> namely that the incumbent at a United Reformed Church is a Minister, not a
> Vicar, which, I understand is a term used exclusively in the Anglican
> Church.

Isn't the Pope the Vicar of Christ?

John Camp


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