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Dickon Love dickon at hK4H3bwk-7m-B59A0sLTqkfI8of5LruM1NL35gBNZSmjjjxFu7s238JghYueRPBHAlvvNBhm2sPfkc2CTQ.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jul 30 13:46:55 BST 2007

Good grief! What a row!

I too have spoken to Dr Baron in the past and applaud his research and 
he appears to be a very pleasant gentleman. I do feel that his response 
to DLC's reasonable action was quite disproportionate and I am sorry 
that his fear of commercial compromise overshadows the principle of 
open research - a fear that has inevitably alienated quite a few people.

However, I fear our moderator hasn't exactly covered himself with glory 
either, and the tone of his wording smacks of arrogance mixed with 
schoolboy bullying. I agree with his sentiments, but not with the 
offensive method of expression. And then threatening to close the list? 
If he doesn't want to run it, there will always be someone out there 
who could. (Notwithstanding the fact that Facebook is taking over the 



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