Early Facsimiles and other copies of Bell Ringing books.

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Tue Jul 31 17:07:49 BST 2007

Hello Everyone,

Only recently have I learned of some of the rare early facsimile and 
other copies of bell ringing books.

Just in case I have overlooked some along the way, here is the list as I 
have it.  If anyone can add to it I would be most grateful.

The Bell News

1895	Tintinnalogia 1668 'Stedman'		Not facsimile
1887	Campanalogia - Improved 1766 Monk ed.	Not facsimile
1887	Clavis Campanalogia 1788 Jones etc.	Not facsimile
1886	The Campanalogia, etc. 1816 Shipway	Not facsimile

Kingsmead Bath

1970	Tintinnalogia 1668 R. Duckworth		Facsimile 	
1969	Church Bells of Wiltshire 1929		Facsimile
1970	Church Bells of Berkshire		Original!

Chris Groome

1990	Campanalogia - Improved 1677 Fabian Stedman	Facsimile
1983	Campanalogia - Improved 1733 (3rd)D.J. & C.M.	Facsimile
1975	New Campanalogia Jones etc. c1796 Ed.		Facsimile

Best wishes

Alan Ellis
Vancouver, B.C.

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