[Bell Historians] Fen Ditton

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Wed May 2 14:13:11 BST 2007

DLC (re the old Fen Ditton bells):
>  The destruction of the bells in credit neither to  Taylors nor their new
>  partners.

Whilst I sympathise with the views of my good friend here, I think it is important to remember that Taylors is a business rather than a conservation authority. They are generally in a good position to urge the case for conservation of bells, but if a specific instruction is given by a parish (backed up with the authority of the diocese), they can hardly be held to account for the outcome. Look no further than the story of St Magnus - WBF made every effort to avoid having to scrap the old bells, but in the end, the church was insistent and had its own way.


PS. I am with Sue Marsden on her judgment of the quality of the present Fen Ditton bells. I have rung a number of peals on them, and they are 'ok' but nothing more.


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