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Thank you for that observation, Dickon. I certainly don't relish breaking up bells except where they deserve it through lack of merit, but where instructed to do so, we will.


Similarly, we have recently removed the ring of six bells from Newtown to be rehung for electrical chiming in Wrexham. It is a loss to the change ringing exercise, but money spoke at the end of the day.


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DLC (re the old Fen Ditton bells):
> The destruction of the bells in credit neither to Taylors nor their new
> partners.

Whilst I sympathise with the views of my good friend here, I think it is important to remember that Taylors is a business rather than a conservation authority. They are generally in a good position to urge the case for conservation of bells, but if a specific instruction is given by a parish (backed up with the authority of the diocese), they can hardly be held to account for the outcome. Look no further than the story of St Magnus - WBF made every effort to avoid having to scrap the old bells, but in the end, the church was insistent and had its own way.


PS. I am with Sue Marsden on her judgment of the quality of the present Fen Ditton bells. I have rung a number of peals on them, and they are 'ok' but nothing more.


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