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Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at Cwc-ZT1wv_vdrsboIlbjBCFP0JYFYXmODUz2ENAnLvvdLHA4UybA6Q3IKHFmwlcOLx1nZ46AjIlQj_cPI6MHJureGTeoQn7f.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 3 22:07:23 BST 2007

Had an afterthought and found that I have a sketch plan in my card index

Sawpit frame with all bells swinging E-W, bells 1 and 2 mouth-to-mouth on south, 5 and 6 in the middle, and 3-4 on the north. All roped towards the centre line. Ropes fall in two slightly "offset" rows of three, 2, 5 and 3 on the west, and 1, 6 and 4 on the east 

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