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Thu May 3 18:27:32 BST 2007

In reply to the inquiry below, I told Mr. Appelbe that my 
understanding is that Warner's records were all destroyed c.WW I.  If 
anyone has information that might help his inquiry, please pass it on 
to him with CC: to me.


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>Subject: Comments on IXfoundryWarner
>Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 23:40:49 +0100
>I wonder if you can help me to find records of a bell founded in 
>1904 by J Warner & Sons London. It is currently for sale in a shop 
>in Tunbridge Wells and is claimed to be from a school in Hawkhurst 
>Kent. It is this that I would like confirmed, at least as a 
>possibility. If there are any records that you think may exist I 
>would be very grateful to know where I might find them.
>Kind regards
>Mike Appelbe
>Churchwarden, St. Laurence Church
>Barretts Green Farmhouse
>Ockley Road
>TN18 4DP
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