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Oh yes, I remember this. It was opposite St John's Church Tunbridge Wells, the only tower of the day that wouldn't let us up to see their bell ( 'elf 'n' safety' or some such thing). There were two bells, the small, rather poor one, by Warner and a larger one, with angular canons, by Taylors, about 1890 I think.

For the other towers of that day, including the one where my glasses fell off thirty feet up, onto a stone floor, and the lenses didn't break, see Dickon's excellent site.

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  > >I wonder if you can help me to find records of a bell founded in
  > >1904 by J Warner & Sons London. It is currently for sale in a shop
  > >in Tunbridge Wells and is claimed to be from a school in Hawkhurst
  > >Kent. It is this that I would like confirmed, at least as a
  > >possibility. If there are any records that you think may exist I
  > >would be very grateful to know where I might find them.

  I rather think that Fr David, Quiche and I saw this bell last year in that shop. I am not surprised that he hasn't sold it yet - he wanted about 3 times the scrap value for it and was most put out when we laughed rather loudly at the price. At that time the owner couldn't remember where it came from. 


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