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I recorded the old frame at Buckland Dinham (with Jim Yates) to facilitate its removal, and at that time researched the history of the bells and documented the installation. The job was done by Bob Parker, and two old bells were brought into the ring - the old Buckland Dinham clock bell as the treble, and the old second from St.Paul's Bristol as the second. 

The main details are already on the NBR, but I'll be happy to e-mail a copy of my 1994 report to anyone who is interested. It's a WordPerfect document with DrawPerfect sketches, and although the text is okay in Word the sketches no longer work (help from anyone who knows a way round this problem would be very welcome)

One of the more interesting items was a report from The Bath Chronicle 13 December 1827 printed in Ringing World 20 January 1978 p.46

            Thursday, at Buckland [Dinham], near Frome, a labouring man named Chas Pearce sold his wife to a shoemaker named Elton for £5, and delivered her in a halter in the public street! Pearce has been married some years, and they have a family of five children, now living, the youngest of whom is to go with the unnatural mother, who seemed very willing that the sale should take place! The bells rang several peals on the occasion, at the joint expense of the parties.

There are other reports (I certainly recall one at Nuneaton) of ringing for wife sales!

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