Buckland St. Mary, Somerset

Philip Denton philip_denton at MkVWbSY0nQ3EH5VCtmj6xRwdpkE_r_WDXS1BQia6k19FyNGwRs4OEmrfTx2LYyqBAUCO0-QRzA7Z34b04f0N04zHegM.yahoo.invalid
Mon May 14 11:28:23 BST 2007

I am listed as one of the sources for the online Dove entry for Buckland St. Mary. I visited in September 2005, and noted the fairly limited details listed in the tower, which I think I then passed on to Martin Smith. 
  I recently heard a suggestion that this information is actually incorrect. Is anyone able to confirm the details of the bells there?

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