St. Tarcisius, Camberley

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> I gather that the RC church of St. Tarcisius, Camberley has a light 
chime of 12. Does anyone have details of these bells - founder, date, 
weights, etc.?
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According to Mike Chester's excellent spread sheet, they are 10 + 2, 
1-2-7 in C.  

He says, "They are a diatonic 10 in C with an extra F-sharp and B-
flat . Hung fixed in 3 rows of 4 bells each and chimed by means of 
electro-magnetic hammers inside each bell. They are sounded using a 
small piano-type keyboard or a sophisticated hymn-playing box where 
you select a pre-programmed tune by number. Taylor's, 1960. Also 
large single bell hung for ringing + electro-magnetic hammer. (M 



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