Chewton Mendip

Philip Denton philip_denton at
Mon May 14 22:24:50 BST 2007

I'm trying to sort out the information I gathered during last Monday's Somerset open day. Thanks for the responses to questions so far!
   Re Chewton Mendip:
  Presumably the present superb ring has been re-hung since 1913. If so, who by and when?
  There seem to be conflicting accounts of the details of the pre-1913 bells. Is there a definitive version? The old notice at the base of the tower gives the following:
  1. T. Mears, 1825
  2. Thomas Pennington, 1627
  3. Thomas Pennington, 1627
  4. Thomas Bilbie, 1753
  5. Thomas Bilbie, 1725 (the 5 reversed)
  6. Inscription mutilated - no founder or date given

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