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Cold Ashby, Northamptonshire has what it claims to be the oldest bell currently hung for change ringing. Unusually for such an early bell, the inscription actually carries the date -  1317. 
  Thomas North in 1878 suggested 'Willes de Flint' as the possible founder - from a reading of the letters on one of the stamps on the bell. The Peterborough Diocesan Inventory of 1989 ascribed it to W. Flint. Is there any further information about him?
  According to local tradition, this bell was originally at the former Sulby Abbey, not too far away from Cold Ashby.
  Following augmentation by Eayre & Smith in 2003, it is now the 4th of 6.

"HARPER, Andrew (Andrew)" <andrewharper at 6mihX-PesqthOrShKWL0JpKXrDhgir78V5bobWzQy3PtLhRjACUaEj3_VcgbFbFlMeRNEdGHyd2AdoKgy9Vk280mhfngoVAq.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            I'm not sure if this question has been covered before but can anyone provide the details of the oldest bell currently being used for full cicle ringing.  This question was asked by a beginner at out tower last week.
  Best regards 
  Andrew Harper 
  St Mary the Virgin




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