[Bell Historians] Oldest bell currently used for ringing

David Bryant David.Bryant at nPOdlLt3EsN5vrh9w1o9hubbxa5uT3QsfT-hXhzT-XhY6vKpWTBoTRRfKLUHpkWbO8LZcFMfZXVIVqMrA4_s18A.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 15 14:36:12 BST 2007

"According to local tradition, this bell was originally at the former
Sulby Abbey, not too far away from Cold Ashby."

There are quite a few medieval bells which have that sort of claim made
about them. In some cases it's probably true, and equally in some cases
it probably isn't. The chances of being able to prove it one way or the
other are generally fairly remote, though.



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