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I believe that these bells were rehung and retuned by Mears & Stainbank in the 1920s. There may indeed be exact weights recorded for these bells, but this type of information is not currently available.
  Andrew Bull

Philip Denton <philip_denton at xPZOIvLqIKq2A6QZ_4Z2NAUD647kQLE5uiBXWkztnkXuGxEZEZW0G_ErHzPujId9_4Tko-xWnt0cQXklJUZVlHttgQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            In the ringing chamber at Mells, there is plenty of information about the bells - founders, dates and inscriptions - but a only a list of approximate weights. I notice that the tenor is given by Dove as 26-2-23. Are the other exact weights known? There is also no indication of when they were last restored / re-hung / tuned. Is there information available on this? 
  Finally, is anything more known about the Sanctus bell? It appears on Dove as 'unidentified founder, c1325'. 
  Thanks again for recent responses to my questions!
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