[Bell Historians] Mells bells

Dickon Love dickon at skR0k9RNoZx832jgJ7dsAUaH3zxAm006GVXywa1Vw0bJYa4HOTOYIl5KHnjlG55TuwETS9K3B2iRBX7Vtw.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 16 10:09:46 BST 2007

>  In the ringing chamber at Mells, there is plenty of information about the
>  bells - founders, dates and inscriptions - but a only a list of
>  approximate weights. I notice that the tenor is given by Dove as 26-2-23.
>  Are the other exact weights known? There is also no indication of when they
>  were last restored / re-hung / tuned. Is there information available on
>  this?

We have had an awful lot of enquiries about bell details on this list from Mr Denton. May I ask whether there is a purpose, eg a book or public archive coming out of it? Also, are these all questions that cannot be answered by the NBR? I'm not moaning, but it is getting monotonous. Of course, if this is geniune research to augment the NBR then fair enough.



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