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Wed May 16 11:24:08 BST 2007

I had guessed that the spate of enquiries from Philip Denton were aimed at updating his personal records after he'd been on the tower grab in Somerset.
  As one who has kept similar records (together with photos of both church and bells, where possible) for over 30 years, I don't have a problem with this. I also can confirm to the list that Philip has readily shared information he has collected, and has been particularly helpful in supplying details for Somerset towers for the spreadsheet that Martin Smith, David Bryant and myself have been compiling at various intervals over the last two or three years.
  I think it is good if, when someone like Philip grabs a new tower, they make sure that they have the correct details in their personal records and cross-check what they have got with both online Dove and GAD's NBR spreadsheets, questioning any discrepancies with the respective list owners. That way, we can ensure that we all have access to correct, up-to-date information.
  Andrew Bull

Philip Denton <philip_denton at w9ZQiaFHEEVeBdnPueAb-_gKFn8mftqsKaoztJxnqMmXP4g-7IT7Efp70euRuz85ibc91RroVkRur7JJOAGwe-LpIps.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            I have no intention of writing a book. I'm just an enthusiastic (although not particularly advanced) ringer, who is curious about the bells I'm ringing and their history. When I visit a tower, I collect what information I can find, then check other sources and try to put together the full, accurate picture. There are often discrepancies, in the case of some counties, lots of them. The Somerset enquiries of the past few days are as a result of my visiting several towers on the recent Open Day.
  My research is for my own interest, although some of my recent enquiries have resulted in additions and updates to the NBR, and I'm very happy to share my findings with others. 
  Someone recently suggested to me that this forum might be a suitable place to post enquiries, given that many of the contributors clearly have a vast wealth of knowledge in these matters. Perhaps it isn't the right forum after all...
  Sorry if you found my enquiries boring or monotonous!

Dickon Love <dickon at 3BDJdmhEMBGZnagAUPHJAaVmCc-nhVpy30eYTKJ_GUZhSgcqBUhfZU5Lh_ludXGXmgxmtR3vZ87HSQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
      > In the ringing chamber at Mells, there is plenty of information about the
> bells - founders, dates and inscriptions - but a only a list of
> approximate weights. I notice that the tenor is given by Dove as 26-2-23.
> Are the other exact weights known? There is also no indication of when they
> were last restored / re-hung / tuned. Is there information available on
> this?

We have had an awful lot of enquiries about bell details on this list from Mr Denton. May I ask whether there is a purpose, eg a book or public archive coming out of it? Also, are these all questions that cannot be answered by the NBR? I'm not moaning, but it is getting monotonous. Of course, if this is geniune research to augment the NBR then fair enough.


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