Richard Offen richard.offen at
Sat May 19 00:45:53 BST 2007

> "Stone has a natural lifespan. That's what we say to people - the 
> is as original as it can be. We believe what we do is more in 
keeping with
> the original than trying to save it for ever and a day until it 
turns to
> dust. Perpetuating the craft is more important than trying to sell a
> glorious ruin to the people."

Now doesn't that statement ring true for bell installations! 

Canterbury Cathedral went through a phase, a few years ago, of gluing 
everything together rather than replacement.   I noticed however, 
when I was back there at Easter, that restoration work on the Corona 
(East end of the Cathedral) was very much back in the replacement of 
stone mode.

Here in Australia we have a tendency to `over-restoration'.   For 
example, an historic brewery in Perth was restored a few years ago to 
the extent that it now looks like a completely new building!

One day common sense will hopefully prevail!



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