[Bell Historians] Re: Conservationists

Richard Offen richard.offen at Z-XilR_kx_mOTj-oc6lWgWdd2ExSmlPZK6r9j_DKeDe5h8UNO6tm6P1JDGI4v-02_-pqbSUGy4Fbz27029vOpqMKl3M.yahoo.invalid
Mon May 21 12:04:53 BST 2007

> An interesting conundrum - when does "restoration" turn into 
> "replication".  It will be interesting to see what they decide to 
> with the burnt-out wreck of the Cutty Sark.
> At least with a "re-cast" ring of bells there are no illusions 
> it being anything other than a brand new instrument.

The National Trust was under no illusions when it "re-created" Uppark 
after the disasterous fire in 1989.   

At one property I visited a few years ago in New South Wales, they 
had gone to the trouble of date stamping new floor boards to make 
sure that no one was left under the impression that they were old!



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