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Mon May 21 11:26:08 BST 2007

This certainly is a conundrum which reminds me of the old joke:  
Q: "Can you prove this chair is an antique?" A:  "It's so old we've 
had to replace the seat, back and all four legs!"


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> At 00:45 19/05/2007, Richard Offen wrote:
> >Here in Australia we have a tendency to `over-restoration'.   For
> >example, an historic brewery in Perth was restored a few years ago 
> >the extent that it now looks like a completely new building!
> >
> >One day common sense will hopefully prevail!
> An interesting conundrum - when does "restoration" turn into 
> "replication".  It will be interesting to see what they decide to 
> with the burnt-out wreck of the Cutty Sark.
> At least with a "re-cast" ring of bells there are no illusions 
> it being anything other than a brand new instrument.


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