[Bell Historians] Murphy Bells.

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There is the famous large murphy bell at saint Francis Xavier Cathedral 
Adelaide South Australia still chimed from time to time like the recent 
A.N.Z.A.B Festival earlier this year.
other murphy bells in Australia listed in john.D.Keatings book"bells in 
Australia" 1979 eddition include
goulburn roman catholic cathedral of st's peter and paul / saint Augustins 
catholic church yass 1868
saint kilians catholic church bendigo / saint christophers cathedral 
canberra 1853/ saint francis Xaviers cathedral geralton W.A. dated 1970 but 
not hung untill 1918.the book also mentions a 12CWT murphy bell resting on 
the ground floor of a dominican church in Wahroonga Sydney
how many of these are still in place or use i am yet to discover.

Are there any known photos in Existence of Mathew O'Byrne or his Fountain 
Head Foundry in Dublin
Scincerely John Maloney

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>There are four Murphy bells in the Cathedral Basilica of St.John the
>Baptist, Saint Johns, Newfoundland.
>West tower:  three bells cast in 1854 and 1857 (to which O'Byrne
>subsequently added five trebles to make an octave chime).
>East tower:  one bell cast by Murphy in 1850; weighing two tons, it
>was the largest cast in Ireland up to that time.
>See http://www.gcna.org/data/NFSTJOHN.HTM
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