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Wed May 23 13:08:40 BST 2007

I can't speak for conservationists, but as a parish priest, organist and ringer (rather better organist than ringer) all rolled into one, I sometimes wonder why I don't have more inner turmoil than I do!
  If conservationists are as uncooperative as our parish organist here...

Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at R-wCQcLBOvwqrZpSpiC-k2qt6h9YSxyKpvLWe61VXq9zjmdLmB3mShcB-E08Psn7SKgkD1_dzcpulJ6R1M1FOLhXzEVtK0HW.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            Have a feeling there's a variation on the old joke about organists here
  Q: What's the difference between a conservationist (or organist) and a terrorist?
  A: You can negotiate with a terrorist


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