[Bell Historians] Re: Conservationists

David Bryant davidbryant at ecfPLctBVHtO3soBMeA0PTNPQEqorm0PbK1_bItotAD0c4wNABjsXxD9D9NFgYXas6ceT4TnqzcNPqjd34P8INBAYxU.yahoo.invalid
Mon May 21 12:16:05 BST 2007

"At least with a "re-cast" ring of bells there are no illusions about it being anything other than a brand new instrument."
But I think there are, though. How many time do you come across statements in church guides along the lines of 'the oldest bell dates from 16??, with others of 17?? and 18??. The bells were all recast in 19?? by John Taylor & Co?

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