[Bell Historians] Murphy Bells.

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Mon May 28 19:12:25 BST 2007

At 09:09 on 22 May 2007, John Baldwin wrote:
> These are the Murphy bells I have in the pNBR in Dove:

> Bells by Murphy, John [1837-1900]
> ================================================================
>   Cast  Diam(") Weight Note   Bell Tower
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>  <              38-3- 7     Svc/12 Adelaide RC Cath, SA

It may be well known to you historians, but I happened across a website
with a copy of a letter concerning this bell dated 16 July 1867 from
Murphy to the Very Revd (Thomas) Heptonstall, who seems from other
correspondence to have been the link in England for the RC diocese of
Adelaide. There are subsequent letters concerning the dispatch of the
bell to Adelaide.

The best way of accessing these documents is to go to
and scroll down to 1867.  The letter from Murphy is obvious.  The other
two letters are the next one listed and then the second one after that.

John Camp


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