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Subject: RE: St Nicholas, Cork, Bells

Dear David,


            Thank you very much.  It's enormously helpful if people let
us know - and far better to be told several times than not to hear !


            It was only this morning that it appeared that there was
haste - I believe there had previously been a chance of a new home in
contemplation - and e mails have been buzzing round between CfRB - or
Rescue Fund ! - members since then.  It looks as if we ought to be able
to help, but scrap metal price has shot up recently, apparently mainly
due to Chinese demand for copper, so the sum involved is likely to be
quite large, and as you know the Fund works by kind people providing
short term interest free loans.  Please keep your fingers crossed: it
sounds as if it would indeed be a pity if these were lost.


Yours sincerely,



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