[Bell Historians] St Nicholas, Cork - Bells.

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> A pity Nafferton is sorted as it sounds as though they will be 
available at an economical price if a home can be found.

     Unrealistic to have them at Nafferton- It would shove the cost of 
the Nafferton scheme beyond reach, plus there are the space 
considerations to be taken into account.

           Those living in Nafferton who ring might not easily manage 
an eight of that size also- and at the end of the day, what matters is 
what is practical for the location concerened- Cost, can the ringers 
maintain a band on a ring of that size, etc.

     Far better off to stick with the St minver scheme on all counts at 
Nafferton- At least that way, they will have an easily managable six 
that the current ringers will be physically able to handle and one that 
gives a ring of six with a pleasant sound and is cost effective for the 

         It would be nice to think that the Cork bells went to a home 
with a band physically capable of ringing them and a place that could 
easily afford them.



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