[Bell Historians] Scrap Metal Prices

David Bryant David.Bryant at 9Qdqt6gGEWsrYjj786-00it11uMD_Nug8jyX7Rn75Z87OmDr3hqohUQpJNH7lqr2YBn3dBVXa9Y0n8WHyw.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 31 10:18:20 BST 2007

"Lightcliffe (8, 4cwt) were, I believe, cast (1970) on that basis -
formerly 8, 20cwt!  Presumably Pateley Bridge as well."
Yes, I believe so. In both cases the old frame was used, and the
fittings included bar headstocks which are cheaper than cast iron ones.
These rings were cast with very light front bells - treble about
three-quarters of a hundredweight in both cases.



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