[Bell Historians] Scrap Metal Prices

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> "Lightcliffe (8, 4cwt) were, I believe, cast (1970) on that basis -
> formerly 8, 20cwt!  Presumably Pateley Bridge as well."
> Yes, I believe so. In both cases the old frame was used, and the
> fittings included bar headstocks which are cheaper than cast iron ones.
> These rings were cast with very light front bells - treble about
> three-quarters of a hundredweight in both cases.
> David
And Filey too - two of the heavy four were recast into the fine!!!!!! ring of 6. The new light 
6 were installed into the original 4 bell frame - 2 bells in each pit (large frame originally 
made from timbers from a fishing boat), and the two heavy ones were put in the 4th pit in 
the middle and are now used as clock and service bells.



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