[Bell Historians] Scrap Metal Prices

David Bryant David.Bryant at zU_8u6QhD3NUQ2Y5SWtLL-NNI53GjbTt4hg6Q7fo16m_1u_POREyx7qbEIRdROeomj75H7X89L2IVUoLIMlM.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 31 10:28:01 BST 2007

"And Filey too - two of the heavy four were recast into the fine!!!!!!
ring of 6."

They don't have such light front bells.

" The new light 6 were installed into the original 4 bell frame - 2
bells in each pit (large frame originally 
made from timbers from a fishing boat), and the two heavy ones were put
in the 4th pit in 
the middle and are now used as clock and service bells."

As I recall, it s a 3-bell frame with three long pits. The three were
rehung dead and augmented to four (with an Ellacombe) by Taylor's in the
1920s. In 1980 the Taylor bell and one of the others was scrapped, and
the new six hung two in each pit, with the two old bells across the
middle of two of the pits.



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