[Bell Historians] St Nicholas, Cork - Bells.

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>  ....     However, if someone can offer a no risk, interest free 
> loan for a period of three to five years to purchase the bells, ...
> Alan

Those who are on this list and who feel that the Murphy Cork bells are
worth saving while a new home is found are invited to join with those
of us who are already in the process of trying to see whether we can
raise enough funds to purchase them from Matthew.  

The Rescue Fund works on the basis of interest-free loans made by
individual ringers, whether or not members of the Central Council.  At
the moment, as you will have seen from the report to the Council, we
already have three substantial loans totalling well over £25,000 out
to other projects, so one of the issues is simply that we now need
more offers of loan. Should any of you feel you can make an offer,
please get in touch with me off-list.  Naturally, all such
correspondence is kept confidential.

Equally, if you can help in identifying a possible new home for the
bells, do please get in touch with Jane Wilkinson or Bob Cooles.

Finally, if you know of a place where the bells could safely be stored
then that is another consideration that must be addressed before a
rescue becomes a probability.  Again, please not an issue to be
publicised for obvious reasons, so replies off-line please to Jane,
or Bob, or me. 

I hope the publicising of those issues will serve to demonstrate that
bringing about this sort of rescue is a non-trivial task - and it
actually works best when we all pull together.


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