T.C. Lewis

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Thu May 31 16:35:39 BST 2007

I'm not sure if this is repetition, apologies if it is.

I was looking at the periodical 'Church Bells' yesterday and found the
following references to T.C. Lewis:

Vol. XI Advent 1880 - Advent 1881 [December 4th 1880 - 1881]
p.6 New ring of eight at St Andrew's, Wells Street, London.  Includes
details of inscriptions [which were in Latin].  Cast by Mr T.C. Lewis of
Shepherd's Lane, Brixton.  21 cwt, Eb.

p.23  Letter from 'Tubal Cain' enquiring how many of Mr Lewis' castings
failed before he obtained eight maiden bells.

p.59  'Another Tubal Cain' requests details of Lewis' 'doings as a
bellfounder, knowing him to be clever at organs and architecture'.  (there
seems to be no answer)

Vol. X  Advent 1881 to Advent 1882 [December 3rd 18881 to December 2nd 1882]

p.26 	new bells at Fen Ditton by Messrs Lewis & Co of Brixton.  Recast
'most successfully' from fire damaged bells, tenor about 11 cwt.



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