Wandering carillon

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Interestingly Newcastle upon Tyne had a 49 bell carillon that was installed  
for the 1929 North East Coast Exhibition.
Unfortunately this instrument was never destined to stay on Tyneside as it  
was destined to be the War memorial that is installed on Mount Cook ( smaller  
version of N.Zs. big one on the South Island ) in the City of Wellington at 
the  bottom end of the North Island of New Zealand.
As far as is known the carillon had it's first recital at the  Gillett 
foundry in April of 1929.
By May of 1929 the bells were sounding out across the Town Moor at  Newcastle 
where they remained for about 6 months.
After this the wandering carillon was set up in Hyde Park,  London where it 
remained until October of 1930.
The bells arrived in New Zealand January 1931. This was after an abortive  
attempt to get them displayed at the Buenos Aires Exhibition, so they nearly had 
 four homes.
The bells were finally dedicated in April 1932. It had always been the  
intention to add four tenors and this was achieved by 1995 along with a number  of 
smaller bells and replacements of some of the middle bells giving a total  
altogether of 74 bells.
With thanks to Alan Buswell - Howard E. J. Smith

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