Wandering carillon

Richard Offen richard.offen at 9tW0ZzSIctG78CLxZ3zUrH2o04a1Q8rkt3vGvnIkkrEoynqA-2TjTewEg-ZCAy57ZnPQK5khsz3clu-jvEJ7DSI.yahoo.invalid
Sat Nov 10 21:55:58 GMT 2007

The bells were finally dedicated in April 1932. It had always been the  
> intention to add four tenors and this was achieved by 1995 along with 
a number  of 
> smaller bells and replacements of some of the middle bells giving a 
> altogether of 74 bells.
> With thanks to Alan Buswell - Howard E. J. Smith

The resulting carillon is absolutely magnificent and can be heard daily 
at noon.



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