Most transferred bell

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Mon Nov 12 14:01:11 GMT 2007

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> I believe another contender is the second at Llansilin as this was 
the treble of six at Brimpsfield for a while and from memory I am 
sure Peter Newing said it came from a church in Kent.
> Dave

It was originally the treble at Birling, Kent, then went to be treble 
at Brimpsfield when we remodelled the Birling ring.   

Finally it was despatched to Llansilin (second in that ring), when 
Brimpsfield had a legacy which enabled a new and better proportioned 
treble to be cast.   

It looks as if on-line Dove still gives the details of Birling treble 
on the Brimpsfield page - JCB, if you are reading this, it might be 
worth checking this fact with Miss Bliss!



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