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The front page of their 1877 Bell catalogue also describes them as "
Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineers, Braziers, Coppersmiths, Metal and Wood
Plenty of choice there.
 Just remembered that I have a photocopy of some of the bell section of an
L&J catalogue; the original is in Blaise Castle Museum, Bristol.  Round the
edges of the pages are listed other items made by L&J: bottling machines;
bar fittings; drain pipes; Californian dwarf pumps and coffee urns to name
but a few. The next section in the catalogue is apparently garden equipment.

I also have a copy of L&J's bell catalogue (original in Wiltshire Record
Office).  At the head and foot of each page are mainly bell related items,
but such things as 'medieval brasses erected to any design' are included.



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