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The front page of their 1877 Bell catalogue also describes them as "
Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineers, Braziers, Coppersmiths, Metal and Wood
Plenty of choice there.


Many thanks to those who have recently contributed bits of 
information regarding Warners' history. I wouldn't be writing this, 
but for two things:

Firstly, a Google Alert serendipitously drew my attention to the 
project for finally re-hanging the 1854 Warner six of All Saints' 
Cathedral, Bathurst, NSW. Investigating that story uncovered 
additional information about Warners' history; to my astonishment, it 
also revealed that the NSW Heritage Office (or an applicant for 
heritage listing there) regard me as a citable authority, and link to 
the GCNA Webpage about Warner!

Secondly, while hastening to revise that page (so as to live up to my 
newly discovered reputation), I realized that I still don't know 
nearly as much about Warners' history as I would like. For example, 
did they ever use other versions of their name besides "John Warner & 
Sons"? and if so, what and when? What did they produce besides bells?

You can find the newly-revised Warner page at
http://www.gcna. <http://www.gcna.org/data/IXfoundryWarner.html>
I would appreciate any comments (especially corrections!) or 
additional information which y'all might be able to provide. 
Although Warners are mentioned in numerous places on the Web, almost 
all references are to specific bells which they made. I have not yet 
found any other Webpage worth citing as a source of further 

Thanks in advance!

Carl Scott Zimmerman, Campanologist


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