Wandering bells

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Inter alia on this subject, and there must be hundreds, particularly after the 16th-century monastic upheavals, may I offer a couple of (sets of) candidates

(1) The old treble of five ex St Simon & Jude, Norwich, tr 1881 to Didlington Park, Norfolk, tr to Didlington Church, Norfolk c1912, tr to Whissonsett Church, Norfolk (as one of the present six) c1980. The old Norwich tenor made a rather more direct journey to St Nicholas, Beverley

(2) The old 3,4,6, and 7 ex Worcester Cathedral, likewise to Didlington Park, then to the Church (where they were hung for chiming) and in this case happily returned to the Cathedral to be united with the ex-Cathedral treble, recovered from Trinity, Shrub Hill

Is there a faster transfer (of an entire ring) than that from Bishop Latimer (cast from the old Deritend bells) and hung in 1959, and transferred to Perry Barr in 1972?


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